Monday, March 16, 2009

Introductions are in order

Greetings from my corner of the world. My corner is in northern Virginia, although I have also lived in corners in Missouri (St. Louis/Kansas City/Columbia), Ohio (Cincinnati area), and Colorado (Castle Rock) prior to this corner.

I have thoughts and issues and topics I believe to be worth discussing, and I got tired of hearing my own responses to my own ideas - so now the ideas have a new home. I like to think of things having homes. Around my house, things have places they live. So the kids ask "Where does the spatula live?" instead of "Where does the spatula go?"

Of course, that scenario requires the kids to a) be able to identify a spatula, and b) be in a position where said child would actually be displaying responsibility in terms of putting things away. I'll have to do a quick mental review to see if these things happen with any degree of regularity in my house.

Answer? Not often enough, thank you very much.

I am a parent - and also a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a pet owner, and a friend. Doesn't everyone have a multitude of roles to play? But it is funny how the "parent" role impacts every thing else, more than any other role. There is no getting away from it once you have kiddos. It is a permanent role, a permanent connection, and a permanent source of amusement, irritation and emotion. And frustration. And humor. 

You get the idea.

So off we go. 

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