Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slow on the uptake

Sometimes technology and I completely click. Other times - not so much. I just spend a truly inordinate amount of time compiling the charming list of book titles in the left column of this site. I am positive it is not supposed to be as difficult as I made it. But there you are.

The books listed in "The Reading List" are ones my kiddos have heartily approved. Part of my goal for this weblog is to advance the cause of children's literature, and one way of doing that is showing titles that my family of six has found to be particularly engaging, fun to look at, touching or just plain a great read.

So please view at will, and be aware that it will change as our library grows. In general, if a book is on that list, we likely already own it. In hardback. Because I just cannot seem to help myself.

That being said, though, I am a HUGE advocate of public libraries, and oftentimes, a book is checked out a multitude of times from the library (a good example is the Mo Willems' "The Pigeon Finds/Eats/Gets..." series) prior to being added to the permanent library.

And oddly enough, almost 100% of my grown-up reading list is from the library. Apparently I reserve the book purchases for those under the age of....well, under my age.

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